• Christel De Maeyer is our in-house curator and in charge of daily operations. Christel De Maeyer has been a part of the technology industry since the 80’s and holds a International Master degree in Communication Science, New Media, and Society in Europe (VUB).  She has been actively involved in education and been employed in academia for the past 13 years, before she had her own company. Currently, she is a lecturer and researcher at Artevelde University College of Applied Science (Belgium) and a PhD candidate at TU/e, at User Centred Engineering Group, Department Future Everyday, Netherlands. PhD Defence fall 2023. Christel De Maeyer is a Member of the Peace Innovation Lab, part of the Behavior Design Lab at Stanford University in California. She collaborated on behavior change through technology, her focus was on wearable sensor devices in healthcare. De Maeyer’s PhD research brings an expert and user perspective on Digital Twins in healthcare. Speculative design and the promise of this emerging technology in the domain of (preventive) healthcare.
  • http://be.linkedin.com/in/christeldemaeyer
  • https://sleepingwithtechnology.wordpress.com/
  • https://research.tue.nl/en/persons/christel-de-maeyer
  • Award De Tijd Techpioniers


  • Sofie Renap is an art historian and philosophy student. She is involved on sporadic basis.


  • Leen Vandereyken is co-founder of Hyperthinkers. She is  a storyteller by heart; author and screenwriter for television, cinema and VR.


  • Frederik De Wilde is the founder of Hyperthinkers. He is a post-conceptual artist working in digital and physical spaces. He critically questions the impact of technology. Frederik works at the interstice of the art, science and technology and studied fine arts, media arts and philosophy. The conceptual crux of his artistic praxis are the notions of the inaudible, intangible and invisible. An excellent example is the conceptualisation, and creation, of the Blackest-Black art made in collaboration with American universities and NASA. The project received the Ars Electronica Next Idea Award and the Best European Collaboration Award between an artist and scientist, and was extensively covered  in e.g. Huffington Post, Creators Project, Dazzed, TED.




  • Our main objective is to provide support for innovative artistic projects and/or ambitious and inspiring concepts related to science, technology or ecology. HYPERTHINKERS vzw wants to achieve cross-sectoral synergies and projects that question and shape the prevailing concepts of what art is and how it can be experienced. To this end, the non-profit organisation will use and develop an international network to support the artists and/or the projects. In this way we want to challenge artists, scientists, industrialists, entrepreneurs, …, and the public to commit themselves to walk new paths -together- which can lead to discoveries and sustainable collaborations. The non-profit organisation can also offer support to the individual artist or the project, in administrative, production, financial, theoretical, investigative, publishing, …
  • It focuses on artists, educational and research institutions (e.g. schools, colleges and universities), theorists, media institutions, industry, research centers, and a wide audience, …
  • In addition, the non-profit organisation can develop all activities that contribute to the realization of its purpose and object, including profitable activities, the proceeds of which will always be fully allocated to the realization of the purpose of the organization. To this end, it can also, without this being an exhaustive list, receive gifts and enter into any other (business) agreements. This list is neither exhaustive nor exhaustive.


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